Thursday, October 1, 2009

New design team call!?!?!

One of my fave stamp companies- Pink Cat Studios has gone digital and has been on a design team search! I was pretty sure that I would never be able to make the deadline, since I only heard about it yesterday! I only had one Digi image card done and in my SC gallery, but they needed 2 or 3 samples! With the crazy schedule of running my DD to and from school (which takes an hour one way!), my bloodwork and treatments at Duke Medical Center, and several errands in between today, I was sure that I'd NEVER make the miracle happen and get my projects and submissions in by 5 pm EST today!

But those of you who know me, know that I'm not someone who gives up that easily! I created this card using a Dustin Pike digi image late last night, slept a few hours. Then I got up to get everyone off to work and school, ran my library books into the library and saw the perfect setting to take the picture to submit of the card if by some miracle I made it! I grabbed my camera from my bag and the card, ran into the bushes near the flagpole at the library. I laid on the ground and took a few quick pix! I love the rustic contrast of the pine straw against the slightly distressed but still cuddly looking teddy bear!

I quickly had to snatch everything up, to run to pick up one of my prescriptions, and to another store to pick up a few ingredients I needed for tonights dinner. Back to the school to get my daughter (who at 3 years old has 12 pages of homework tonight!!!). Drove out pick up another prescription at a different pharmacy in my new town, but then had to leave town again to get to the doctors office for my treatment. I stopped en route for gas and my cell rang...seems my doctor wanted to cancel my treatment and was ending me somewhere else to get my bloodwork done! So I turned around, recalculated the stop into my GPS, and realized it wasn't too far! IF I could beat traffic and get in and out of the lab fast I *MIGHT* just make it time to meet the security alarm guy who was installing our new system at my HUSBANDS request. (He forgot to tell me THAT!!) Well I did get lucky and while the guy did have to wait outside for 10 minutes, I finally got home to let him in! While he played with trying to get the wireless system online, he kept shutting down my phone and net service. So it took me no less than 9 tries to get my picture posted into my SC gallery -while I cooked and cleaned! But...the good news...I was able to send in my submissions at literally the last minute! I sent it in at 4:59pm EST! I REALLY hope they like it! Thank goodness my days aren't usually THIS hectic! Tiredly, a VERY happy Scrappy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A bit off my usual track...

Normally when I post something to my blog, it is all about something I'm doing, or that I've done. Yeah, well, I haven't posted in a while, and my net was down for 12 days and I finally moved into my new home....yada yada yada. I'll talk about all that on another day. Today I wanna talk about my friend Binny (Christine/SCS ID: seamoonmommy)

Christine is one of the most dedicated and wonderful moms I know. I don't think she could ever possibly guess how much I love and respect her! She is a tireless fighter for anything related to her family, and I have massive admiration for all she does - especially for her children.

Christine's son Nicholas (my future son-in-law no getting any funny matchmaking ideas!!) has Apraxia. This motor speech disorder robs him of the ability to speak clearly and ask for what he needs and wants. It is not just a simple speech delay, and Nicky is not just another child who will be a 'late talker'. Rather Nicholas has a difficult time planning and making his mouth, tongue, lips, and jaws move in the appropriet way to form the words to communicate. Make no mistake! Nicholas is an incredibly smart boy, and he knows exactly what he wants and needs as do most 3 year olds! He unfortunately has the utterly frustrating inability to convey this to others.

Christine has the daunting and frustrating task of trying to get him help from speech language pathologists (of which there is a nationwide shortage), and other medical and educational professionals. She must coordinate all of this whilst repeatedly explaining all of this to her unsympathetic health insurance company in an effort to get them to pay for his therapies. Oh, and let us not forget she also has herself, her own home to care for, a husband and her daughter who is 5 and, thus has her own needs as well.

Christine is a champion to all mothers and someday I hope I can be half the mother she is to her children. She is constantly on the go looking for more things she can do to help her children. Besides the doctors, and therapists and school related things, she strives to create a fun childhood that they will be able to look back on a fondly remember. She takes them to parks, and playdates, as well as apple/strawberry/peach/pumpkin picking. She finds time to take them to the beach to playgyms too. She even enrolled her daughter in swim lessons this past summer, juggling with her husband as she dropped one child home and/or picked up the other to rush off to another therapy, appointment, or playdate. It is an incredibly difficult schedule they are on as her husband works full time and commutes quite far to work everyday as well!

I look over my shoulder and see my daughter asleep in my bed and thank God for my own blessings and that I don't have to have all of the hurdles to jump that Binny does. She is quick to point out that she is really only the 'driver' and that her kids do all of the 'real work' in therapy. And while I agree the kids MUST be commended for all of their efforts, today I need to commend her for what she has done and continues to do too!

Today, while her kids are playing at grandmas, she and her husband are doing a Walk for Childhood Apraxia in Mountain Lakes, NY. They are there trying to raise money and awareness for children with Apraxia, a disorder few people have heard of or know anything about. I encourage you to go to the following website to read more about it, and then look above at Nicky's smiling little face and put a face to this disorder. Thanks! Scrappy
PS: Sorry I didn't ask if I could post about this first Binny, but I know that you are too shy to toot your own horn, so I brought out a brass band and did it for you! ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've been busily making a whole lot of cards for swaps as well as several for friends and family lately. It's been something of a challenge as we are preparing to move yet again! Luckily the packing is going well, but I'm starting to feel the crunch of time.

Today I had to begin the process of packing up some of my stamping area. I was feeling some serious panic as I sealed the box containing almost all of my cardstock! So in order to avoid a full on meltdown, I've packed up a few 'kits' worth of stuff so I can stamp, and create during any breaks I might find while in the process of moving! I will be very unlikely to have any 'spare time', but as those of you who know me have witnessed, I will find tiny snippets of time wherever, however and whenever possible!

Anywho, I made this card for Jackies 'Use your images swap' on Splitcoaststampers. As a diehard image HOarder, I had several reams of images from which to choose from. However, these cutesy lil' Changito's were calling my name!

I used a DCWV cs base & layered on SU Close to Cocoa cs. I used some yummy May Arts ribbon and cuttlebugged the swirls onto a scrap of SU Real Red cs. I added the sentiment (Studio G) on another mounted scrap of cs. Finally, I added the image on GP 110 White cs which I colored with my Copics.

These cute lil' monkeys remind me of how some of my friends help me keep things in perspective, and keep me laughing through some of the most stressful things! Thank goodness Stampendous created them, and that my good friends Sandye and Tammy carried a bunch of them to this years HPC so I could nab me some immies!

Check out the following links for to join in on the fun in Jackies Swap thread, and to get some of the May Arts Ribbon pictured above!

Swap Thread:

My go-to girl for May Arts ribbon:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bella, Bella, Bella...

My good friend, Mandabella opened up a Bella swap - featuring ONLY Bellas! I finished one card spot so far and will add the others to this post as I get them done. In the meantime, what do you think of this one?

I used Stampingbella's Gifttabella w/hat stamp, Copics and some of Gina K's wonderful Pure Luxury CS to get creative! I matched up my colors to this pretty confetti print DP that I found in my *miniscule* DP collection - including the SU Base and pink mounting colors. The sentiment is by MFT - another of my favorite stamp companies.

You can find Stampingbella's stamps here:

Be sure to check out Manda's swap! It's not due until the end of October, so there is plenty of time to join in the fun! Here's a convenient link:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shirleys2girlz Challenge #20

Tonight with very little time to spare, I decided to attempt one of the Shirleys2girlz challenges! The card came out pretty good IMHO, but the process of getting a picture taken and posted was incredibly difficult! BUT I think it was worth it! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take a walk on the WILD SIDE....!

Normally using that as a blogpost title would mean something altogether different, but tonight I'm using it for something a wee bit more tame! I finally found my mojo last night and worked on Challenge #1 for Hanna Stamps August release party! Adela put up the cutest lil' challenge to make a window card and I was instantly ready to play with my cool new Safari Riley! I learned some cool coloring techniques from Kristi at the HPC and started to put them to good use on this card! So what do ya think of my 'G'day Riley' card? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know! :)
It's been a long, busy, and exciting day! We were told that our house offer has been approved, so we are soon to be First-Time-Home Owners! WOOHOO!
Tommorrow promises to be a crazy day with appointments, meetings, as well as taking care of my still-sick toddler! So I'll bid you farewell and head to bed! Night for now! Sleepily yours, Scrappy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lookie Lookie! Bloggy ... uh.. cookies?

Nah, it's an amazing package of blog candy I found while doing the Anyaversary Blog Hop! Check it out yourself! :

I also found this cool blog candy here:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More pix from the HPC...

Here are more pix from a great group of Hos!

Back Row Right to left:

Yoorah, Jackie(babitoons),Manda (Manda_dex), DJ/Cheryl (Cherthosestamps), Joy (Daiseyfreak), Lisa (Wildbasket), Laura Jean.

Middle Row Right to Left:

Heather (Chris1Josh2), Kristi (HannaStamps!), Marci (MHorne), Tammy Miller, Sandye

Front Row Right to Left:

Me, Michele (Delfinaus), Rae Anne/Mama Ho (Huera90)

Missing from Picture: Jen (go90feet), Audrey (Hippieaud) and ALL the HOs I hope make it to next years HPC!

Here we have Tammy mischieviously raising a glass of hmmmm...!
Sandye looks like she knows what is in that cup, but neither she nor Lisa is telling! :-)

Here we have Kristi (Timmy Ho)and DJ (DJ Happy Ho) showing off the summers hottest looks in Joanns! Work it Hos! Show us those Super-Ho Smirks! Can you all say "Blue Steel"! :-)
Love this pic girls! You really ROCKED the runway!

There are many more pix...LMK if you didn't get your link to my Snapfish album!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from the HPC!

I'm back from the HPC, which was in Columbus, Ohio this year! It was an incredible experience as always! I am beyond excited that I got to meet some of my Swap Hos and got to share so many laughs with them all! We got to make cards and projects, learn some Copic techniques from Kristi (from Hanna Stamps), and as always watch Joy do her incomparable pole work! :p
I will be posting as many pictures as possible, so stay tuned!

Here is Joy...showing us how it's done while an adoring fan offers her a tip! Shake that tail feather girlfriend!
I love my Joy Joy! So much fun packed into that girl! She is a trip! I'm so glad I was able to catch up with her again this year! I will be keeping an eye out for an apropro pole for her for next year's HPC! WooHoo! I HOpe North Carolina is ready for the Ho invasion! This place will never be the same! :)

Here I am trying in vain to emulate Joy's incomparable skill! Do I look terrified? Well
duh! of course I do! If I got arrested it woulda cut into my stamp ching ching! Besides, Mama and the Pimp Mistress woulda been less than pleased with me for gettin' caught by the po-po!

Here I am with my favorite stamp rock star - the Deej! What a trip DJ is! Ya really have to experience her yourself! There is truly no way to describe how awesome and fun she is!

Here I am huggin' on Kristi after her official boinking from Mama Ho! Congrats Timmy Ho! Welcome to the swankiest, sexiest, fun lovin, stamp sorority ever! Can't wait to see ya on the corner! Don't forget your Beta fish heels and Ho gear though...or Yoorah will start crackin' her whip!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lookin' forward to the HPC?!

Next weekend I will be happily stamping with my girl's in Columbus, Ohio! That's right, the 2nd Annual HPC is here and I really can't wait! I'm gonna be able to catch up with the friends I met last year, and meet some more of the women I've gotten to know through our daily online chats on Splitcoaststampers!

For the Shoebox Swap (SBS) on Saturday, I have made little kits up so everyone can make the card featured below. It's not too difficult, which I did deliberately so we can have plenty of time to finish everyones projects, cards, and more! We'll also be chattering in the room all day, stamping images from the stamps we are all bringing to share, and playing games! Best of all this years HPC will feature a mini class on how to use our Copics from the UBER TALENTED Kristi owner/designer of Hanna Stamps! As you can imagine, this is going to be one WILD and fun weekend!

I will unfortunately be missing a bunch of my girls who won't be able to make it this year! :-( I understand how sometimes things come up, and the economy can also play a factor in this though. So for my girls who can't attend this year and those of you who would like to create a card like mine too, I have included detailed instructions on how to make my card yourself!

Hope you like my Javabella card! I’ve gotten a few requests from folks on Splitcoaststampers asking what the measurements are on my cards or where I got the layout from in the past. I usually make the layouts up as I go along, as well as the backgrounds as needed! But I thought I’d give a kind of Cliff notes version for this card so anyone can create this card at home!

Materials needed:

Rubberneckers Coffee and Tea Inchies stamp set
SU Chocolate Chip CS
Georgia Pacific or similar heavyweight CS (Check suitability for Copic coloring)
Memento Rich Cocoa Inkpad
Memento Tuxedo Black Inkpad
Dark Brown Chalk Ink (or similar old inkpad) to distress edges.
Coordinating ribbon (I used one by Dots and Dashes)
Prismacolor Fine Line Markers- 005Brown and 005 Red
Faber-Castell Pitt Art Pen in Blue 146
AtyouSpica pen in gold
E00 Skin White
E04 Lipstick Natural
E35 Chamois
E40 Brick White
E59 Walnut
Y32 Cashmere
BG49 Duck Blue
Blender Pen

Stamp Javabella out on white cardstock using Memento Rich Cocoa Ink. Color in as pictured above. (Feel free to email me for exact coloring directions if you wish!) Cut colored image to 2-1/8” x 3-1/4”. Set aside.

Cut Choc. Chip CS in half width-wise and fold cut piece to make a standard size A2 card with the fold on top. Use other half piece of the brown cardstock to cut out a 2-3/8” x 3-1/2” rectangle and mount your colored Bella on it. Use small scrap of Chocolate Chip CS to stamp out the pants on Javabella with Memento Tuxedo Black ink Cut out pants and paper-piece onto the image.

Cut two 5-1/4” x 4” rectangles of white CS. Adhere one to the inside of the A2 folded CS for writing the message on. The other piece of 4”x 5-1/4” CS will be used for the faux dp background.

Arrange several inches on your largest acrylic block and stamp the pattern evenly onto the white, precut CS using Rich Cocoa Memento Ink. Color in as shown above. Distress edge of white card front by scratching the edges with a fingernail, and rubbing with chalk ink or other appropriate ink. Adhere ribbon to ‘dp’. Place Popdots on the backside corners of the Javabella image. Adhere mounted image over the ribbon on the card. Adhere card front to prepared card back.

Voila! You did it! You’ve made a beautiful card!

Well that's it for tonight! Hope to see you back here soon to see what I'm up to next! Until then...C'ya! Scrappy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Shop Goodies!

I worked on Laura Jeans' new Sweet Shop swap as soon as I signed up! I LOVE SWEETS! :) So I easily banged out these two card spots in the same night as I signed up!

For this first card, I used an Inkadinkado dog stamp on GP cs and colored it in with my Copics. I cut it out using my nesties and mounted it on SU Close to Cocoa cs. On another scrap of GP cs I stamped one of my favorite-est stamps...this teeny, tiny cupcake from Treehouse Stamps. I cut out the tiny cupcake and popped it up atop the dog using pop dots to give it a 3D effect. To emphasize the geometric pattern of the DP, I decided to use 4 strips of chocolate satin ribbon weaving them into a square pattern.

For my next card, I used a Studio G $1.00 stamp I bought earlier this year at Michaels.

I colored the image in using Copics, & then used liquid applique with my heat gun to 'fluff' the icing up! I mounted it on a piece of cs I cut with my Labels One Nesties & then mounted it again on a square of SU cs.

I double mounted some American Craft grosgrain ribbon, and placed it on my base. Then I affixed my cupcake atop the ribbon. As usual, I changed my mind at the last minute and stamped the sentiment in the upper left hand corner.

Do I or do I not....

The past two weeks I've been suffering through pretty spotty internet service, so I hope you have all been bearing with me! I've lost posts to my blog no less than NINE times so hopefully my ISP will cooperate and let me post this time! Since I DO have service for the time being, I figured I'd try again...maybe 10 is my lucky number!

I have been super busy making cards in the last week or so, and I will endeavor to put up pix of at least some of what I've been up to! In an effort to hopefully get anything at all posted successfully, I will simply be making multiple short posts, rather than one epic one!
This card I made for Melissa's 'For the Love of Cats and Dogs Swap' on Splitcoaststampers. I used an Inkadinkado Mini Clear stampset for it and decided to keep it as elegant as possible by using mostly black and white, with only a touch of wine cs to mat. The swirly, shiny black and white print that is just behind the stamped image is cut from some folder's I bought in the Dollar Tree! I have bought several folders there since the patterns are often beautiful, and they aren't too heavy either! I also decided to use my Cuttlebug to emboss the birds and swirls onto the front of my black cs base. (Sorry it's a bit hard to see in the photo!)
Be sure to check out Melissa's swap! I put a link at the bottom of this post.
My British Bulldog is from another Clear Mini stamp set made by Inkadinkado! It was quite a challenge to color in the finer details of the flad on his shirt, but luckily I occasionally am blessed with a steady hand!
I hope that the swappers who get my cards in Melissa's swap like them and enjoy them as much as I liked making them! Be sure to check Melissa's signature line to see what other swaps she has come up with to host! She's a great host, and a talented gal! Hope to see you join in too!
As promised, here is the link for Melissa's 'For the Love of Dog's and Cat's swap':

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Online?! YESSSS!

YES~!!!! My internet is finally up for the first time this week, so here I am rushing to update my blog and my Splitcoast gallery!

This Mickey Mouse card I made for PMR's swap on Splitcoaststampers. Check out her swap here:

This card I made for my 1st spot in my friend Kathy's swap (McFadden) on Splitcoaststampers. Her swap ' For the love of Stamping', really inspired me to flex my creativity and the next two cards are the result!

I made this card for my 2nd spot in Kath'y swap too. Staytuned for my third card which I am still working on! :)


I cannot get my laptop connected to the internet for a few days now and I'm starting to get annoyed! The office tells me they are "working on the problem". Well gee-I hope so! Grr!

Anywho, I've been working on a few different swaps when I am able to, but I can't post any pictures right now. So be prepared to see all I've been up to as soon as our community office figures out what the heck is going on with the wireless! But I wouldn't say you should hold your breathe as to how long that will take them!

TTYL! (I hope sooner rather than much later...) Scrappy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Two last tags for Su's tag swap...

I worked these last two tags up for SuG's tag swap on Splitcoaststampers! Enjoy!

More insomniac prattle...

I've been trying to fall asleep for a few hours to no avail! Anywho, I decided to post another tag I worked up for SuG's tag swap! It's very simple, but i think it's elegant and I like it alot! What about you?

I cut the base from SU whisper white cs & rounded the edges before putting into my snowflake embossing folder and running it through my Cuttlebug. Next, I punched the whole and put the black eyelet into the top of the tag before adding the white, black, and silver ribbons. I stamped the snowflake (Inkadinkado) onto Georgia Pacific 110 cs using Memento tuxedo black ink, and cut it into a 1-1/2 inch square before rounding the corners. Then I mounted it on a 1-3/4 inch square of SU basic black cs which I'd also rounded the edges on. I affixed them together and put them onto my base using dimensionals. Finally I added a strip of Bazzill Bling cs to the back for stability and added the crystals and the crystal stickles (Ranger) to the image. Viola! A nice, simple, yet elegant Holiday tag!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tags for Su G's swap on Splitcoast!

I'm sooo exhausted today! I got to be creative a bit today and met some stamping buddies for lunch and some image swapping! I wanted to post a quick lil' something to show you some more of what I made for SuG's tag swap on Splitcoaststampers! I'm not nearly done with the swap, but tommorrow is another day! ;)Besides, I'm about ready to fall asleep while I type, so I'll give ya the pix tonight and the deets in the AM. Nite! Scrappy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hoppin' on my swappin'!

I suppose I have gotta get hoppin' on my swappin'! I always have a huge amount of open swaps going on and now is no exception! I have somewhere over 50 open - some of which have multiple spots! So since I'm still on a creative spree, I don't want to lose any of my mojo! I'd better get to my stampin' area to play!

This Monkey card is my 2nd spot for Kristen's Monkey Swap on SCS. If you want to check out her swap check it out here:

This cute little monkey comes from a clear stamp set by Sandy Lion. I stamped him using Memento tuxedo black ink on Georgia Pacific 110# cs, and colored him in with my Copics (E25, E35). I cut him out with my scalloped oval Nestabilities, and mated him atop another scallopped oval of SU Chocolate Chip. I used a strip of 5/8 inch SU Chocolate Chip grosgrain ribbon and put a piece of hand-crochetted pale yellow lace atop it. Then I laced them both through and around the base of the SU Barely Banana card. Finally, I added the sentiment (SU) by placing it atop dimensionals and centering it on the ribbon-lace.

I love the way this card came out! It's perfect for welcoming a new baby into the family, or giving to the new teacher or aide in your childs preschool or kindergarten. It would also be great to welcome a family with small children into the neighborhood!


This card I made for my good buddy, Lisa's swap on Splitcoaststampers! Check it out here:

Lisa is a fantastic host and a great friend! I'm so glad that she is local so we can occassionally get together for a 'stamping playdate' or lunch!
This time Lisa is featuring cards with digital images designed by the uber talented Dustin Pike. Dustin seems like a wonderfully creative guy, and like me- is forever a kid at heart! He is also participating in the swap himself, so I cannot wait to see what he concocts.

For this dragon card, I used a digi image printed on Georgia Pacific 110# cs. I colored in the green shaded parts of him with my Prismacolor Pencils (PC913, PC989) and blended it with Gamsol (OMS). I used a metallic silver Prismacolor Pencil (PC949) for his helmet. I used my Copics (YG91, R29, E49, W5) to color the rest of the image. I cut the image out using my Labels One Nestabilities, and mounted it on a second, larger diecut using SU Chocolate Chip cs. I stamped the sentiment (SU) using Memento tuxedo black in on a scrap of GP110, and punched it using SU's word window punch. The background DP is cut from the 2007 DCWV Christmas slab. I wrapped a piece of printed grosgrain ribbon from Dashes, Dots, and Checks to the DP and made a faux tie. I affixed everything to the SU Bashful Blue base and added two blue Dewdrops to the ends of the sentiment punchout to finish it.

I think this one is pretty cute! It'll make a nice 'not-too-girly' birthday card for a little dragon loving boy! Lucky for me, Dustin has a whole series of great coordinating digi images you can print out to use along with or without this tough lil' dragon! Check out Dustin's blog at: You can also buy them in rubbah from DRS Designs at:


This Changito Santa card I made for my 3rd spot in 'my boo' Irish's Christmas in July Swap Check out her swap here on Splitcoaststampers:

I stamped Changito with Memento tuxedo black ink on Georgia Pacific 110# cs, and colored him with my Copics (R29, E25,100). I cut him out using my Quickutz squares. I cut graduating squares of cs in SU Basic Black and Real Red and mounted the image atop them. I mounted it on a SU Glorious Green base and put 3 buttons across the bottom. I wanted a very simple layout and design, but I felt I needed to add some kind of sentiment. I found this one by Studio G to be a perfect fit. What do you think?

Monday, June 22, 2009

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen...

Well my Hanna Bonanza is over, as is my bid for the guest designer spot for Hanna Stamps I was vying for. I'm disappointed of course, but it hasn't dulled my will to try again next time! I'm glad that Kristi and Vicki at Hanna Stamps offered the opportunity to try out and I will continue to ink up my Hanna's, Riley's, and Sophies to create many more cards and projects to come!

I also want to congratulate all of the 15 finalists for a job well done too! I'm so happy to say one of my Ho's made it into the top 15! Congratulations to Kelli Jo Hull! I'll be rootin' for you girl! I can't wait to see what you create next! :)

I created this card tonight using the Hospital Hanna clear stamp set from Hanna Stamps! Her scrubs top and the wall behind her is paper pieced. I also used a different fold for the card and lightly distressed the edges too. You have to untie the bow to open the card.
Every week I go in for my treatments at Duke and all the doctors and nurses have been great! The nurses are so kind and as gentle as possible and I really appreciate it! I've had several great nurses take care of me in the Chemo/Infusion suite. Each one proves to be more adept as the next at trying to keep me and all of the other patients as comfortable as possible. I know that I'm one of the lucky ones there -my cancer tests came back negative (Thank God!)! Many of the other patients are so much worse off than I am, but the level of skill, care and compassion never wavers. So I made this card to accompany the cookies I am baking to thank them. I know it is not nearly enough to repay them for everything they've done and continue to do. I will eventually be done with this series of treatments, but hopefully this will give them at least one bright moment at a very difficult job!
On a cheerier note...
I decided to join a new swap tonight with a decidedly fun theme - Monkey's! Kristin has a Monkey Swap over on! You can check it out here:
I made this cute Changito card for it! I'm just about to go over to Splitcoast and take another spot in the swap too! I think I might drop off my return swap cards and my extra cards at my daughter's preschool! I love seeing the little smiling faces there when we drop off and pick up the kids! I'm sure the teacher can work it into some kind of theme during the school year too! to get inky...maybe after a bit of shut-eye though! ;) TTYL! Scrappy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Riley in the Surf!

Looks like Riley is having a great time waterskiing! Wish I was there enjoying it right along with him! The water looks so beautiful and the shimmer of the sun on the water is so inviting!
This is my last entry (for tonight) for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. It's been a blast! Hopefully everyone has liked all the projects and cards I've posted as part of my Hanna Bonanza! I am pooped and since tommorrow IS Father's day afterall, so I won't be likely to be able to post anything more until Monday! But keep an eye out! Because if you know me, I'm NEVER done with my stampin'! TTYL! Scrappy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missing you Soldier!

I made this card as an entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. It is such an apt card for alot of the brave men we have at war overseas! Kudos to our troops - they are our true HEROES!

I used GI Jon Riley from Hanna Stamps with a sentiment by SU. I did my best to match the Copic colors I chose for Riley's fatigues to the Desert Camo the Army uses in the desert. (Copic colors: W-1, W-3, W-5, W-7, E-33, E-37, E-39, E-43, Y-28) The DP comes from Creative Imaginations, while the cs comes from Wausau, Bazzill, DCWV, and GP.

Happy Birthday 'Big Boy'?

I made this card for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. It is my 18th entry! (And YES!...I'm still stamping!!!)
This card reminds me of my BIL, John. It seems he can fix anything! I wouldn't at all be surprized to see him building a brick wall just like Mason Riley! Now, my BIL's birthday passed months ago, so I won't be using this card for him -unless I save it for next year. However; I'm sure this very masculine card would be perfect for most men...and the little boys who love trucks, and construction stuff!

Meet Princess Sophie of Mooseville!

My three year old daughter, Annabella is really into the whole princess thing right now. She is very strong minded, and loves to stamp, and do crafts right alongside me! So while I was choosing my next entry project for Hanna Stamps guest designer call, I was persuaded to make Annabella her own 'special Sophie cawd'! It's just too hard to ignore this face doncha think?

Now, onto the card at the left...

Meet Princess Sophie of Mooseville! {insert sound of trumpets here!}
I used Ballerina Sophie, stamped her with Memento Tuxedo Black ink on GP cs. I cut her out, & made her a matching dress & hennin (pointed, veiled hat). I colored her in with my Copics & sat her to the side. I took a castle background picture I found in the dollar store and colored it to match her. Then I blinged, glittered, stickled shimmer-misted, Spica-penned & sparkled the daylights out of the whole thing! I cut & pasted the castle segment to some SU Almost Amethyst cs. I attached Princess Sophie to the card with dimensionals to raise her off the card & her transformation into royalty was complete!

Harvestin' is hard work!

Riley is takin' a wee break from harvesting the pumpkins! It must be really hard work! Good thing Riley's out there and waiting to harvest those pumpkins. Especially because like Sophie, I can't wait to make some fresh pumpkin pies!

I made this card up for the Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. It's another of several entries I've created, but my creativity is continuing to churn! So back to my stamping area I go, to create my next Riley, Sophie, or Hanna! What will I come up with next? You'll just have to watch and see! I can't wait to start!

Happy Christmoose!

It's 9:30 am in the morning on a Saturday, so what am I up to? I raced my way through beginning the housework so I could get to my stamping area of course! I have a date with my creative side!

I put together this card as another entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. I also made 5 more for my friend Kim's new Christmas Card Swap (Sistah Boo - That's you!) on Splitcoaststampers! 'Irish', as she is known by many of us is a terrific hostess. A bunch of us have been missing her so we are delighted that she's back! Check out her swap here:

For my Happy Christmoose card, I colored Tree Riley in with my Copics on Neenah Solar White before using a scalloped circle Nestabilitie to cut him out. I layered him atop a circle of green Prism cs cut using my round Quikcutz & then another scalloped circle of SU Real Red cs. I cut a piece of green cs, rounded the corners & pressed it using a CB Embossing folder. I hunted down some ribbon I bought in Michaels last year that perfectly matches the EF! I wrapped it around the embossed cs & attached it to my fawn colored base. Finally I used some dimensionals to pop the layered Riley atop the card, & finished it with stacked coordinating buttons.

One more for the girls!

I LOVE to shop, Mostly I shop for stamps, and supplies, but if I get tired...Well I think the card says it best:
This is another card I made as an entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call! I love these shoes from the 'But I Need it' stamp set from HannaStamps! They made a great repeat design for my background! Then I blinged them up a bit with my Copics and red Spica pen. I added the twin row of black and white dashed ribbon, and after double matting the sentiment attached the whole thing to my black SU base. I added my cutomary sheet of white cs to write on inside the card, added the 4 ruby crystals, and tied on a scrap of ribbon to attack the double row together. I rather like the way it came out! How 'bout you?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrapbooking with Doggy Bags...

Today I am back at my stamp area happily stamping away at my latest project for my Hanna Bonanza for Hanna Stamps Guest Design call. My Project is two fold... I made a dog-theme scrapbook page and then as a thank you to each of my canine models, I made up gift bags to mail out for our canine friends!

This scrapbook page features some of me and my daughter's favorite dogs whose mommies are SCS members. As a thank you to all of my 'canine models', I made up the matching doggy goody bags below!

Thank you so much to my canine models & their moms for letting me feature your pups!

Poppy (Rae Anne/SCS ID: Huera90)
Polo (Joy/SCS ID: daiseyfreak)
Chippy (yoorah)
McFadden (Kathy/SCS ID: McFadden)

And as a few quick questions/comment from Annabella for you all:
For Rae Anne: "When we are going on the airplane to see Poppy?"
For Joy: "There's my Joy Joy's Polo!!!! He's my friend!!"
For Kathy: "Doesn't that dog (McFadden) live here?" (There's a dog that looks alot like McFadden in our community.)
For Yoorah: "Is that my new dog? Can I keep him?" (and after I explain he's your's) "Can we ask Yoowah?"
This is a close up of my Hanna from the scrapbook page. I decided that I wanted to give the dog the mottled fur colors that some pit bulls have. It took a bit of work using my Copics, Prismacolor Pencils, Gamsol, Pens, Inks, and chalk. It was alot of work, but I am happy with the result!

The copy on the journaling are reads:
"Our daughter Annabella really adores dogs! All shapes, sizes and breeds, she loves them all! She tells us she will be a Vetrinarian someday - so she can see them all day long. We have no doubt that she is right!"
The little Goody Bags I made up for Poppy, Chippy, Polo and McFadden each feature their names & likenesses. They were printed, & double matted with paw printed twill ribbon. I attached them onto kraft colored paper lunch bags that I stamped using Hanna Stamps "My Best Friend" clear stamp set. I think these are great for Doggy Party Favors, Holiday, or small birthday gifts too, but as I mentioned, I just made them up as a Thank You gift! I'm sure you can think of a pal or two who would just love a little gift just like these! Hope you like 'em!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Bucky Girl, and Hanna Stamps....

I made this as another Hanna Stamps Guest Designer Entry. I picked the theme and colors, as a tribute to a very special friend - Laura Jean! Bucky girl, I look forward to seeing you in Ohio next month!

Just wanted to try and post one more thing before I zonk out! Sleepily yours, Scrappy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stampering Emergency Kit - Moose Edition

This is what I created tonight as my latest entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. The description in the second picture explains why I made this cute little kit up, so I'll just go over the basics.
I started with a plastic index card holder I found for a dollar at CVS Pharmacy. I figured I'd fill it up with precut Riley images so it would be easy to send to a friend who was away and struck with cabin fever due to inclement weather. Then I realized it was perfect for me to take with me when I go into the hospital tommorrow for a minor procedure - so my mom would have something to do in the waiting room while she waited for news.
I stamped six images of each of a dozen Rileys and Sophies and individually packaged them up. Then I added a package of 24 Prismacolor pencil samples someone recently gave me at a new art store I found. I added a descriptive label, as well as a colored image of Sick Riley on the back. I created the sentiment for the front on the computer, and cut it out. Then I paper pierced a decorative design around the edge and affixed it to the front.
I think it made a nice, quick , easy, and thoughtful gift. I *might* just need to make me one of my own to leave in my purse or glove compartment too! Convenient to have while waiting in the carpool lane at the school, or waiting to be called for your appointments too!
I *DO* actually hope to be able to create and post something tommorrow to continue my Hanna Bonanza! But I'm sure you won't mind too much if you'll have to wait an extra day to see what else I've come up with! As always, I will try my best! :) See ya on the flipside! Scrappy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just doing my part ~ Hanna Guest Designer Entry

I made this card as an entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. I drew the background in to have her coming down an escalator in the mall. I was going for a 'Comic Book Art' kind of feel, but wanted vibrant colors & clean lines at the same time. I think I've achieved it! What do you think?

I stamped my image using Memento Tuxedo Black ink on Georgia Pacific Stock, before coloring it with my Prismacolor Pencils. I drew in the background, & then got out my Gamsol (OMS) to smooth out & blend my coloring. I 'etched' in an 'edge' on the image, to make it look like a comic book frame before mounting it. I affixed it, the ribbon, and my computer generated sentiment to my SU Brilliant Blue cs base. Finally I edge the sentiment, & tied on a faux knot.

You can find this card as well as all of my other Hanna Stamps Guest Designer entries in my Gallery on Splitcoaststampers:

Please be sure to leave me some love!

Witch Riley Tag by Scrappy

This tag I created today as part of my Hanna Bonanza! I'm entering it for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. It's also been recreated several more times to complete another spot in SuG's Tag Swap on! Be sure to go check it out!

I inked up Witch Riley with my Memento Tuxedo Black, and stamped him on Georgia Pacific stock before coloring him in with my Copics. I cut him out with my Nesties, and layered him. Then I made a tag template, stamped it, put it into an embossing folder before running it through my Cuttlebug. I affixed the stamped image to the tag, added the eyelet, and strung it with coordinating ribbon.

This tag was quick and simple to make despite looking more intricate. It was also incredibly fun to do because I LOVE Riley! Stay tuned to see what I add tommorrow to my blog as I continue my Hanna Bonanza!

Monday, June 15, 2009

GEISHA Sophie?

I was feeling all excited to start my latest Guest Designer entry for Hanna Stamps, when I realized I needed to make a card for a friend ASAP! She is from Japan, but lives here, and is totally impressed with some of the Japanese-inspired stamps and paper she has found here in the US. So I knew I needed to do something of that nature for her! Well the idea was instantly in my head! I needed to create a Geisha Sophie or Hanna! I dug through my supplies and came up with several small scraps of kimono print origami paper, and tried to figure out how to use it. Then I remembered I had a stamp with a kimono for a 'Maico' ; a younger Geisha who wears brightly colored kimonos with longer sleeves! Perfect! It would fit on only one Sophie -Stroller Sophie, since she has a smaller head! So I set to work! And this is what I came up with:

I sketched the pagoda on black SU Cardstock and cut it out. I punched the rising sun from a scrap of SU Apricot Appeal. I cut a SU Tangerine Tango base and used Colorbox Chalk Inks to shade the 'halo' around where the rising sun would go. I was about to stop there and add my Sophie...but then...

I used a scrap of beige Wausau cs to use as the courtyard at the end of the bridge, and cut the bridge from Bazzill scraps. I used two different scraps of green Bazzil cs and distressed them to create the bushes and add depth to the card. I added the water below the bridge from another SU scrap, added a lilypad and punched the tiny waterlily (which is 3D, but it's difficult to see!) to place atop the water. I distressed the bottom of the bridge to make it appear as if the water was moving.

THEN I stamped my Sophie and cut her out! I stamped the Kimono image which is from Wasabi Ketto by Stampingbella on the floral printed origami scrap and cut it out too. I started to get ready to color Sophie - but realized that Geishas where very white make-up on their beautiful faces, and only paint tiny red lips and outline their eyes! So I did that for Sophie...only coloring her antlers - since she is a moose afterall! But I still wasn't done. Something was missing...

The coif! I needed to create the elaborate Geisha 'do somehow! So I freehand cut her a 'wig', and added a golden comb and a ribbon to match her Kimono! I placed her upon the bridge, and I was finally satisfied with the resulting card! What do you think?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch him if you can!

My newest creation in my bid for a guest design spot for Hanna Stamps was a ton of fun to do! After the hectic day I had, I feel a bit like I've been somewhat of a 'speed racer' myself! I hope you all and the folks at Hanna Stamps like 'Riley Earnhardt' too!

'Riley Earnhardt' has been racin' around in his little car trying to get all the errands Sophie sent him to do completed! As an ode to racefans all around, including the husband of a friend of mine - I made this sweet Riley checkered flag and inserted into a chocolate filled commemorative travel mug as a little gift! I do hope he'll get a kick outta it!

The flag is a wooden plant stake, which I quickly sanded before affixing the checkered background to it. I stamped Racecar Riley onto a piece of Neenah Solar White cardstock using Memento Tuxedo Black ink. I colored him in with my Copics - E35 (chamois), E37 (sepia), YG91 (putty), and Y28 (lionet gold). I colored his car in with Y17 (golden yellow), and added a R29 (lipstick red) pinstripe! Then I put anoter stripe of R29 on the arm of his tracksuit and colored in his scarf. The tires and headlight housings are in W5 (warm gray 5) while the rims and bumpers are W1 (warm gray 1), as is the shadow around him. I cut him out using my round QuickKutz dies, and used the next size up to cut two SU Real Red circles as well. I mounted the image on one of the red circles. I stacked my pop dots 3 high all around the backside of the image, and placed the flagstick between and centered it. Finally I put a thick bead of glue on the stick, took the sticky paper off the dimensional stacks and sandwiched the other red circle on it - effectively making Riley a flag -hugger!

Since I've been noticing something wonky going on with some of my photos in the last week or so, I've enlisted the aid of the ever helpful Chris Byrd, and his beautiful wife, Joy (SCS ID: Daiseyfreak). Chris created the lovely new watermark you will be seeing attached to each of my submissions. Be sure to email me, or leave a PM for 'daiseyfreak' on Splitcoaststampers if you'd like any information on how to easily and affordably retain the rights to your own creations! It also adds a nice professional touch to your pictures too!

Heading into the pit for a 'rest' to you tommorrow! Scrappy