Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrapbooking with Doggy Bags...

Today I am back at my stamp area happily stamping away at my latest project for my Hanna Bonanza for Hanna Stamps Guest Design call. My Project is two fold... I made a dog-theme scrapbook page and then as a thank you to each of my canine models, I made up gift bags to mail out for our canine friends!

This scrapbook page features some of me and my daughter's favorite dogs whose mommies are SCS members. As a thank you to all of my 'canine models', I made up the matching doggy goody bags below!

Thank you so much to my canine models & their moms for letting me feature your pups!

Poppy (Rae Anne/SCS ID: Huera90)
Polo (Joy/SCS ID: daiseyfreak)
Chippy (yoorah)
McFadden (Kathy/SCS ID: McFadden)

And as a few quick questions/comment from Annabella for you all:
For Rae Anne: "When we are going on the airplane to see Poppy?"
For Joy: "There's my Joy Joy's Polo!!!! He's my friend!!"
For Kathy: "Doesn't that dog (McFadden) live here?" (There's a dog that looks alot like McFadden in our community.)
For Yoorah: "Is that my new dog? Can I keep him?" (and after I explain he's your's) "Can we ask Yoowah?"
This is a close up of my Hanna from the scrapbook page. I decided that I wanted to give the dog the mottled fur colors that some pit bulls have. It took a bit of work using my Copics, Prismacolor Pencils, Gamsol, Pens, Inks, and chalk. It was alot of work, but I am happy with the result!

The copy on the journaling are reads:
"Our daughter Annabella really adores dogs! All shapes, sizes and breeds, she loves them all! She tells us she will be a Vetrinarian someday - so she can see them all day long. We have no doubt that she is right!"
The little Goody Bags I made up for Poppy, Chippy, Polo and McFadden each feature their names & likenesses. They were printed, & double matted with paw printed twill ribbon. I attached them onto kraft colored paper lunch bags that I stamped using Hanna Stamps "My Best Friend" clear stamp set. I think these are great for Doggy Party Favors, Holiday, or small birthday gifts too, but as I mentioned, I just made them up as a Thank You gift! I'm sure you can think of a pal or two who would just love a little gift just like these! Hope you like 'em!


  1. WOOF!! McFadden will be so excited to receive the gift bag--thank you so much. You are so kind Yvonne to think of him. Quick story about McFadden--Jimmy's GS Mikai is so taken w/Mac that he asked his mom if he could have a sleep over w/McFadden at McFadden's Momma's house the next time he comes up. So over the 4th holiday Mac is having a sleepover w/Mikai.

  2. ooooh auntie scrappy, Polo will love it, cute cute cute cute project!

  3. Hey Scrappy!

    HOORAY for Poppy!!! Hooray for Scrappy!!! Hooray for Baby Bella!!!

    Poppy says modeling is hard work. . .She's going to need some more smack. . .;)