Friday, May 29, 2009

Since it's May 29th...

...I imagine that many of you are happily making vacation plans, and the kids are either out of school or excitedly awaiting the end of the school year. Not me! My daughters 'school year' is already over, and we are on a tight budget while we house hunt-thus no vacation for us!

I am well on my way to stir crazy, trying to find things for us to do together until her summer camp begins! We have been visiting an awful lot of play places, kiddie gyms, and parks lately! But I'm struggling and feeling somewhat guilty as I count down the days and thanking God that they have 1/2 day summer camp for hyperactive, uber intelligent 3 year olds!

In the meantime, I have my stamping and papercrafts projects to keep me sane! I have been working on a few different projects at once as I am wont to do. One of my swaps is featured in tonights post. Of course, since it is MAY, I am currently working on a CHRISTMAS swap! My friend Karen (Kfranci) from Splitcoaststampers is hosting two swaps right now, one for birthday cards, and another for Christmas cards, recipes, and more!! You should really check it out :

It isn't due until October, but with all of the packing/moving stuff I have coming up, I wanted to get a jump on my swaps, and get everything waaaay ahead! Then once we move into our new home, I can concentrate on setting up my dream stamping studio! I can't wait! So wanna see some of the things I've been working on?

All of this and more is heading to Karen for her Christmas in October swap!

This is a close-up view of one of my ABaC's (Anything But a Card) for the swap. It is a recycled energy drink bottle from my husband! My husband goes through two to three of these everyday! Since I'm used to being frugal and can see how versatile they are, I have a consistent supply of them stashed in my stamping area, as well as a box in my storage room!

This is another of the ABaCs for Karen's swap! I love these soft peppermint puffs, so I filled the printed bag and stamped a cute topper for it too! It would make a quick, easy, and affordable little giftie for a holiday party, or for your child's scout troop, or class!
This is one of my two full size cards for the swap. It was easy and simple to make. It's not my usual style, but I was pleased with it none the less! What do you think?
Well...that's all I have time to show tonight! Hope you like what you see! See you tommorrow! Scrappily Yours, Scrappy
Well, the MFT Idol Competition is finished and now I will start working on a few of their fun Challenges each week instead along with my swaps and hostessing duties. I loved working on my projects and have learned alot in the past few months too! I decided to do a small photo recap of my projects tonight to celebrate having done the challenge every week!

Now, one might think with all of those MFT Idol Judges projects, I couldn't have the time to create anything else...right? WRONG! I completed over 33 swaps, hosted 5 swaps, and moved my family from New Jersey and Arizona to North Carolina during this competition with a precocious 2 year old in tow too! Whew! Now you know why my Ho name is 'EB Ho'....Thank goodness I have ALOT of energy!
See you tommorrow...when I post more of the things I've been up to! :) Nighty Night! Scrappy

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You know how you start things with the greatest of intentions?

I was sure I'd find the time to balance everything and sneak on here to post everyday a little nugget of info, or a bit of a project, but again, time has gotten away from me! :( I have been feeling very stressed out and having some serious health concerns as of late, all while simultaneously hunting for the house we will need to buy, close on and move into by August 10th! No pressure there right?
It's a good thing that my stamping is my therapy and indeed at times my only salvation! I have continually been working on projects, and even though I haven't kept up in posting the pix as well as I might have, I'm still lucky to have been able to do so much of what I love despite the whirlwind, hectic life I've been living for the last four months!
I'm planning on slowly updating some of the projects I've done, but please be patient! It's going to take forever if I try to post to many in one shot, so I'll just show you this one for now to whet your appetite! ;)

I made this as my final Judges Challenge for the MFT Idol! I've really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a new themed project every week! I've also been so lucky to have met some wonderful women in the forum too! I really love MFT stamps!

I filled my project with the goodies above, because I decided to make at least four Girls Night In favor boxes for the next time the girls and I get together to stamp! :) I do believe they'll be happily surprised! Wouldn't you be?

Stay tuned for the next installment of "Catching up with Scrappy...!"