Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More pix from the HPC...

Here are more pix from a great group of Hos!

Back Row Right to left:

Yoorah, Jackie(babitoons),Manda (Manda_dex), DJ/Cheryl (Cherthosestamps), Joy (Daiseyfreak), Lisa (Wildbasket), Laura Jean.

Middle Row Right to Left:

Heather (Chris1Josh2), Kristi (HannaStamps!), Marci (MHorne), Tammy Miller, Sandye

Front Row Right to Left:

Me, Michele (Delfinaus), Rae Anne/Mama Ho (Huera90)

Missing from Picture: Jen (go90feet), Audrey (Hippieaud) and ALL the HOs I hope make it to next years HPC!

Here we have Tammy mischieviously raising a glass of hmmmm...!
Sandye looks like she knows what is in that cup, but neither she nor Lisa is telling! :-)

Here we have Kristi (Timmy Ho)and DJ (DJ Happy Ho) showing off the summers hottest looks in Joanns! Work it Hos! Show us those Super-Ho Smirks! Can you all say "Blue Steel"! :-)
Love this pic girls! You really ROCKED the runway!

There are many more pix...LMK if you didn't get your link to my Snapfish album!

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