Monday, January 4, 2010

I haven't been on much in the last month or so, because the holidays and everything related to them had me all tied up! I'm so happy to say that I've gotten everything better organized for next year though, so it won't take me *15 days* to find Christmas lights, paper, and decorations in the stack of labeled boxes in our garage!

In the last year, we said goodbye to our cruddy apartment in New Jersey and moved several thousand miles away to North Carolina. My mother relocated here from Arizona to be nearer to us and started over with a new job in a new company. We spent 7 months in a gorgeous apartment before finding and moving into our new home! We really love our new home - I especially LOVE that I now have an entire room -with a walk in closet - dedicated to stamping! We had our first Christmas holiday in our new home and enjoyed making thousands of cookies for friends and family! We loved decorating and putting up outdoor lights this year too! On a different note, we had to say a sad goodbye to 'Chocolate' - the Rottweiler puppy we only had for a few short days. (Please be sure to have your canine friends vaccinated for PARVOVIRUS!) I have also recently heard some great news - but am not able to share it with you all -yet!

I eager await what joys and blessings God bestows upon us this coming year! So I'm going to start anew tonight, by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and revealing a few of my resolutions!

1.) Find more time to dedicate to doing what I want to do...& not feel guilty for needing 'me time'!

2.) I am constantly making something, so I need to keep up, & update my projects on this blog!

3.) I need to show my family and my friends (more often) how much I love and appreciate them. Without them, I couldn't manage my nutty life, and I really love each and every one of them (and that means I love YOU too!)!

4.) I need to stop sweating the small stuff! If I have no control over it, I need to accept whatever happens and LET IT GO!

Anyways...that said, I'll be back in a little bit to post again...YUP! At least TWO posts TONIGHT! WooHoo to a productive New Year!

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