Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stampering Emergency Kit - Moose Edition

This is what I created tonight as my latest entry for Hanna Stamps Guest Designer call. The description in the second picture explains why I made this cute little kit up, so I'll just go over the basics.
I started with a plastic index card holder I found for a dollar at CVS Pharmacy. I figured I'd fill it up with precut Riley images so it would be easy to send to a friend who was away and struck with cabin fever due to inclement weather. Then I realized it was perfect for me to take with me when I go into the hospital tommorrow for a minor procedure - so my mom would have something to do in the waiting room while she waited for news.
I stamped six images of each of a dozen Rileys and Sophies and individually packaged them up. Then I added a package of 24 Prismacolor pencil samples someone recently gave me at a new art store I found. I added a descriptive label, as well as a colored image of Sick Riley on the back. I created the sentiment for the front on the computer, and cut it out. Then I paper pierced a decorative design around the edge and affixed it to the front.
I think it made a nice, quick , easy, and thoughtful gift. I *might* just need to make me one of my own to leave in my purse or glove compartment too! Convenient to have while waiting in the carpool lane at the school, or waiting to be called for your appointments too!
I *DO* actually hope to be able to create and post something tommorrow to continue my Hanna Bonanza! But I'm sure you won't mind too much if you'll have to wait an extra day to see what else I've come up with! As always, I will try my best! :) See ya on the flipside! Scrappy


  1. Creative and super cute. Your work is so inspiring Yvonne. You more than earn your EB Ho title, my friend! :)