Saturday, June 13, 2009

'09 Stanley Cup...Playoff Riley

I spent alot of my day out running around today, and didn't finish all of my tags -yet. However, after a long day out, I sat down with my hubby to watch the Stanley Cup finals between the Detroit Redwings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. If there is any sport I love (besides Michael Phelps swimming and other drool-worthy olympic events), watching hockey is my favorite! I love the excitement and the fast pace, but tonight I became a little distracted between periods. So you know I had to race over to my stamping area and ink up Hockey Riley to stamp so I could color him after we watched the game!

I have no bias or anything towards either team, but I was inspired to make Riley a 'Penguin' tonight - since they won! So here he is... another Hanna Stamps guest designer entry:

I drew in the boards, the goal and the crease, as well as some of the ice markings, but didn't put the real ads on the boards as to not infringe on any copyrights. I think he came out pretty good!

I used SU and Georgia Pacific cs on this card. I stamped Riley with Memento Tuxedo Black ink, and colored him in with my Copics. After trimming him down, I mounted him on the black and then the yellow base. I added the two tiny buttons - which I thought sorta looked like pucks! :-)

Anywho...I have another Riley project lined up for tommorrow. Of course, maybe I should say it'll be up later today so be sure to come back and 'check' it out! I'm off to bed for a few I hope to see you in a little while! :-) Sleepily yours, Scrappy


  1. Adorable Hockey card Scrappy, totally forgot about game #7!

  2. Your card is soooooooooooo cute! Love it!!!

  3. Looks great I love the backgrounds you have created!

  4. what a cute idea, I love it, love the tag too!

  5. That is adorable and what a cute idea!!! I love the background, you are so creative!!!