Saturday, March 7, 2009


My friend 'Binny' told me about this contest while I was buried in the stacks of boxes that I was attempting to unpack still from our move two weeks ago. Normally I am online and drooling at all the stamps, papers, and other neat stuff My Favorite Things releases, but I was so busy with everything, that I hadn't yet caught up. I was intrigued to say the least, but was feeling VERY intimidated about trying to enter a competition like the MFT IDOL one. I mean -they have so many talented designers, and I love seeing all the projects they and their fans post all the time! However, an idea got caught in my head, and along with some serious coaxing from Binny, I decided to take the plunge and enter!

So without further ado...Here is my entry:

This is an exterior picture of my project. You can't see them but there are Red Crosses of the sides of the box, and the tag reads: "Feel Better!" Well, being the person I am, I couldn't just stop and leave the project at that! I had to fill it!

So this is the jam-packed box of coordinating goodies I picked out and altered to complete the project! And what exactly is in my Get Well Kit? Well - scroll down to take a look!

This is a picture of all of the goodies I put into the box to make a special someone feel better soon! Below I added some pictures of each thing close-up so you can get a better view! Enjoy!

So all together - this is what is in the box:

I included a snuggly pair of socks to keep those tootsies warm while you recover from your 'ickie's'! Mom always said you gotta keep your feet warm or you'll catch a cold...

I included a packet of tissues for catchin' those sneezes , so as to not spread any germs!

...Vapo-rub to sooth away those aches and pains, and clear up those yucky sinuses!

...some Chicken soup - since we all know chicken soup cures everything! to make it for you NOT included!

...Cough drops to ease that raspy voice and sore throat...

And finally - some cough medicine to knock you out until you feel better!

I love to know what my readers are thinking when I put up a new project or card on my blog!
So...What do you think? I'd love some feedback!

I'm back and happily stampin'! Hope your day was as wonderful, and productive as mine was! Stampin' away...Scrappy


  1. I love it scrappy, it's fantastic, I think I'm getting sick *cough cough* so I may NEED this, lol!

  2. I think this is AWESOME! Very clever, and so well put together. Good luck!

  3. What a great job you did! I have this MFT set and its still a virgin ;)

  4. SHUT THE F UP SCRAPPY!!! Holy carap that's kick @$$!!! I feel a cough coming on *cough cough*! This is AMAZING!!!

  5. What a great project and generous get well gift for a very lucky someone! I love it!! Good luck in the challenge!!!!

  6. OOO I hope that is coming MY way..... SO totally creative!!!!! Scrapster strikes AGAIN! LOL