Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So you want more???

Looks like you all liked my blog candy! So since we are happily celebrating our move (even while exhausted!), we have one more big happy BOX of blog candy to give to one lucky winner! This is not the leftover junk that we didn't feel like moving, and it's not stuff my hubby is making me get rid of either! It is all good quality stuff you'd buy for yourself!

Annabella is all excited that she is going to get to choose another winner tommorrow! Don't forget to comment for the BIG goody box! :) We will choose a winner around 11pm tommorrow night! Good Luck! :)


  1. !!!! You're holding out, aren't you?? ;-)

    I came over here, expecting to see a banner worthy of trumpets and confetti... not that blog candy is a bad thing...

  2. HI Welcome to NC! :) I hope you love it here as much as I do. I can't wait to meet you soon!
    I would love some blog candy! I could use a pick me up! :)

  3. Scrappy, I am so upset that you don't get to keep all your goodies! On the plus side I have some here to replace what you have to give away :)

  4. I want to be sure to give Annabella plenty of names from which to pick so here I am! :)

  5. You are amazing!!! In between packing & you're finding time to give stuff away?! Awww... you're sweet! :)

  6. I can't believe you are doing this so fast! HUGS!

    Remember Annabella, Bucky Loves you!

  7. Okay...drumroll please! Roberta, you are the lucky winner of a tremendous amount of blog candy! :) Congrats! I know you'll enjoy it!

    So does anyone wanna see what she won? I think I'd better go snap a pic to post it! :)Thanks for playin' along girls! :)
    TTYL! Scrappy