Friday, February 6, 2009

News from Raleigh!

Today we apartment hunted with a realtor recommended by our friend Lisa! Our realtor, Mary Ann Meager was wonderful! She took us to properties in the area, & helped us narrow down our choices. She also asked most of the questions we had before we voiced them ourselves! We look forward finding our house with her help in the near future! :)

My happy news of the day is that we found a place we think suits us well & signed our agreement there late this afternoon. Since we have to relocate immediately due to DH's job transfer, it is a huge relief to have an address! Of course, now I will be returning home in two days & will only have ONE WEEK to finish up everything! That's right- a week to pack up our house, & move it all down here! We will undoubtably be comforted knowing that we will be moving here though:

So again I ask: Who wants to come over to stamp with me?


  1. Scrappy - How awesome is that! RAISING hand to come stamp with you! Remember to breathe and good luck on your move.

  2. WOW!!! IS there gonna be enough room for EVERYONE???? 5 right???? WOW Scrappy that's a pretty apartment complex...


  3. If you look real close..I am floating in the pool with a Martini in my hand and my Ipod in another...I love it..I am in!!

  4. Wowser, really? Or should I say Shut Up! Is it your pool? Will you own all of it?

    It looks like a hotel to me with all the loungers.