Thursday, February 4, 2010

I need a Favor...WHEN????

You know how kid's timing is never convenient? I mean how many times has your child told you right before they go to bed that they need to bring a new white t-shirt to school in the morning for a class project? How many times did they say about an hour before the bus came..."uhh, Mom I need six empty toilet paper rollers for school today."? Well I got my turn late last night. My daughter turned to me and said, "Did you remember my cookies for my party tommorrow?" (!?) Thinking she was confused, I said "Do you mean for your Valentines Day party for school? That's next week." And she said, "No mom, the teacher said it is this week. She said it's on Thursday."  And I said "oh, okay honey. No problem!"(and freaked the heck out inside!)

BUT...of course it WAS A PROBLEM! I hadn't made the cookies, didn't have all the ingredients, and worse...the favors I've been excitedly blogging about for the last few weeks were NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING READY!

So... I raced about my kitchen making suitable cookies (taking allergies into account - since MY KID is the 'allergic kid' in the class) for 24 little kids. Then I had to bag them up so they couldn't be cross-contaminated with allergans. Okay... I was halfway there! I could do this!

That done- I headed upstairs to make the favors. I froze at my table, stared in horror at all the parts to the favors I planned and realized I was three short! It was now after 1AM and I had to have BOTH of us up in 5 HOURS  to start the day! What was I going to do? I decided to totally scrap what I was going to do and start up on this new project instead!
All the candies and treats got bagged and tagged. Thanks to Bugaboo Stamps convenient digi stamps, I had 24 favor bags ready in about an hour and a half. (Tying those tiny bows was the hardest part!) I think the teachers gifts are getting done later...while she is AT SCHOOL. So they will get them at the END of the school day! In the meantime, I'm going to nap in this nice, comfortable school parking lot for a little while!

*Thought I'd edit this quickly a minute...these turned out to be a WEEK EARLY!*                 KIDS!  

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  1. Sorry to laugh, but that story is funny. Look though, you got the adorable favor bags out of it!!

  2. Too funny Scrappy!

    The bags are adorable. . .:D

  3. Oh, so I get a peek at what I have to look forward to -- mine are only 4 & 2, so I'm still in charge of the calendar, but hey, you are now AHEAD of schedule! :) Very cute little monkey btw!

  4. Love the bags and you did so well thats a true dedicated mum, must say though mine is 15 now and I still get told things he needs 5 mins befor he leaves for school, or as we go through have you got everything. I think the best one was my cookery stuff, I had to start raiding the fridge for ingredients to make a casserole and weighing ingredients for a cake, in 5 minutes oh but you just have to love em for it don't you. Thank heavens he no longer does cookery now its usually did you print off that work I have to hand in and asked you to print, I think my son and husband at times think I'm telepathic and can do the things they think they've asked hey ho it all adds to the varitey of life and you did so well the gifts are fab Thanks for sharing Julye

  5. Sweet little candy bag!
    Thanks for playing at Delightful Sketches and Challenges.

  6. sweet and yummy! Thanks for joining us at Delightful Sketches!

  7. Great story, and fab project! I'm sure all concerned will be delighted!
    Get some rest!
    Thanks so much for joining in with our challenge at OSCC this week!

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm looks delicious!! Thanks for joining us at Delightful Sketches!!

  9. That did make me laugh! Fab little bags. Thanks for joining us at Delightful Sketches.
    Julie x

  10. Hihi that last minute thing sounds familier, that's what my kids used to do too when they where little. :)) I love those treat baggy's. I just can't believe you did 24 in 1 1/2 our,good job, you deserve your rest now.;))
    Thanks for joining DS.