Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from the HPC!

I'm back from the HPC, which was in Columbus, Ohio this year! It was an incredible experience as always! I am beyond excited that I got to meet some of my Swap Hos and got to share so many laughs with them all! We got to make cards and projects, learn some Copic techniques from Kristi (from Hanna Stamps), and as always watch Joy do her incomparable pole work! :p
I will be posting as many pictures as possible, so stay tuned!

Here is Joy...showing us how it's done while an adoring fan offers her a tip! Shake that tail feather girlfriend!
I love my Joy Joy! So much fun packed into that girl! She is a trip! I'm so glad I was able to catch up with her again this year! I will be keeping an eye out for an apropro pole for her for next year's HPC! WooHoo! I HOpe North Carolina is ready for the Ho invasion! This place will never be the same! :)

Here I am trying in vain to emulate Joy's incomparable skill! Do I look terrified? Well
duh! of course I do! If I got arrested it woulda cut into my stamp ching ching! Besides, Mama and the Pimp Mistress woulda been less than pleased with me for gettin' caught by the po-po!

Here I am with my favorite stamp rock star - the Deej! What a trip DJ is! Ya really have to experience her yourself! There is truly no way to describe how awesome and fun she is!

Here I am huggin' on Kristi after her official boinking from Mama Ho! Congrats Timmy Ho! Welcome to the swankiest, sexiest, fun lovin, stamp sorority ever! Can't wait to see ya on the corner! Don't forget your Beta fish heels and Ho gear though...or Yoorah will start crackin' her whip!


  1. holy cow, you are the POLE QUEEN, look at the air you got on that, puts me to shame!

  2. Oh what fun you had, I'm so jealous.

  3. You simply MUST join us next time Cindy! :)